Why Mediwedge – Bed Wedge Sleep Mattress?

The MediWedge is a full length foam bed wedge designed to be placed under your mattress to raise your head above your stomach to mitigate the effects of nighttime acid reflux or silent GERD. It is a patented medical device, recommended by doctors, that uses gravity to naturally keep the contents of the stomach where they belong

So, why choose the MediWedge to address your acid reflux or GERD issues?

  • It was designed to allow you to sleep on the mattress you chose for your comfort, so you don’t have to get used to a new sleeping surface.
  • Short bed wedges cause you to fold at your stomach putting additional pressure on your stomach and can actually make your acid reflux worse.
  • It allows you to sleep on your back, your side or your stomach. Short bed wedges can be uncomfortable to sleep on when sleeping on your side and impossible to sleep on your stomach.
  • Elevating the bed frame with blocks can void the bed manufacturer’s warranty. By using the MediWedge you are protecting the investment you made in your mattress.

Don’t just take our word for it ….

  • Most of the “damage” of GERD occurs at night when patients are lying in bed and asleep.” Dr. Hugh N. Hazenfield, MD, FACS
  • “Raising the head of your bed has a positive effect on symptoms associated with GERD.” www.GERD.com
  • “Only elevating the head of the bed and losing weight showed a clear benefit in well designed studies.” www.JohnsHopkinsHealthAlerts.com
  • “…having the head slightly higher than the stomach allows gravity to keep stomach contents where they belong” www.Heartburn.Abouot.com
  • “Sleeping with heartburn carries cancer risks” The Heartburn-Tobacco connection

And how about what are customers are saying ….

“I was extremely pleased to find this product. I am in need of two – 6” MediWedges, one for each of my children.”
D.M. from Rhode Island

“GERD was eating away my vocal box. My Gastroenterologist indicated that my voice box was blood red and that changes needed to be made immediately. I purchased a 4” MediWedge™, lost 18 pounds and my doctor prescribed Nexium. After five weeks, my doctor performed another endoscopy and was amazed to find that my voice box had returned to its original pink color. Your MediWedge™ saved my life! I need to order another 4” queen for my vacation house.”
H.K. from California

“I am really impressed with your product. You’ve put a lot into making it high quality. After sleeping on it last night, I know I finally have the answer for my GERD.”
M.B. from Maine

“I bought a queen sized MediWedge™ from you several years ago. I was very impressed with the way it was packaged, shipped, and above all its top-quality construction. I have not experienced any indigestion at night since I put it on my bed. Thank you for all of the above. I have and will continue to recommend it to others.”
Mary Alice H.