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Customer Testimonials


I got my Medi-wedge about a month ago. The first morning, I woke up amazed at how great I felt. That feeling continues. Not just good for reflux, but relaxed and refreshed all over.
Apparently we were meant to sleep on an incline. I’m glad I found out! I will never be without one of these.

-P. B.

The package arrived and the product works better than I anticipated! As a physician, I really researched various approaches to lifting the bed and finally settled on the MediWedge for a variety of important reasons. The difference in sleep was rather dramatic from the first night of its use.
Thank you for making such a great product.

Charles S. MD

My Mediwedge arrived yesterday 3-19 and I set it up today. I am already happy as I get to sleep on my own mattress. I previously owned a Gravity 1st mattress (which goes on top of your mattress) which after several months imploded/exploded… it turned into 1 giant bubble. I am used to sleeping at an incline (which is a medical necessity) and am looking forward to sleeping on my own mattress as opposed to theirs. I was extremely impressed by the personal touch of your customer service. If your product is as good as your personal touch you will have one extremely happy customer.

David F.

The Mediwedge arrived at 2 PM. I opened the box and followed the directions. At a little after 6, I put the MW under my mattress and made the bed. Went to sleep at 10 and slept like a log. It really is a wonderful product and not just an old piece of foam rubber. I particularly like the neat and clean zippered cover which can be cleaned with a damp sponge if ever it is needed.

Gail G. RN

My experience with the company has been fantastic. Since I live near them, they happily waived shipping charges and met with me so that I could receive the product ASAP. The mattress itself is impossible to describe. I have slept better this past week than I have for the past fifteen years. The Mediwedge is worth every penny

Charley, Tampa, FL

By the way, there are now many “copy cats” on the market but they probably are not the same quality. I love your product. Thanks!!!

Leslie P.

I was extremely pleased to find this product. I am in need of two – 6” MediWedges, one for each of my children.

D.M. Rhode Island

We really like this product and recommend it to all people who have this medical condition. In fact a cousin of ours was over at our house and ordered a MediWedge™ right on the spot. Again, thank you for all of the customer support you gave us and Happy Holiday!

M.H. New York

GERD was eating away my vocal box. My Gastroenterologist indicated that my voice box was blood red and that changes needed to be made immediately. I purchased a 4” MediWedge™, lost 18 pounds and my doctor prescribed Nexium. After five weeks, my doctor performed another endoscopy and was amazed to find that my voice box had returned to its original pink color. Your MediWedge™ saved my life! I need to order another 4” queen for my vacation house.

H.K. California

Since purchasing a MediWedge™, my husband says that he has not slept this good in years.

S.M. Florida

Your company is “quality” all around and I obviously respect (and appreciate) that! May I suggest you also “suggest” the MediWedge™ may be helpful for headaches, especially “sinus” headaches? I haven’t had a serious one since using my first Wedge!

P.V. Tennessee

I’ve now been sleeping on the 4-inch MediWedge™ for over two weeks and I’m officially sold on it! I have an autoimmune disease called scleroderma that involves gastrointestinal problems, including GERD. I had been struggling for months with propping myself up uncomfortably on multiple pillows every night and trying to figure out how to lift the bed up with blocks without possibly breaking it. I haven’t been wanting to put another medication in my overwhelmed body just to control the GERD. So, stumbling across the MediWedge™ has been key!

You had sent some extra pamphlets about the MediWedge™ for me to share with anyone who might be interested … I quickly gave them out and would love it if you could send me more! I’m telling anyone who might benefit from it or know others who might benefit from it, from friends and people in my support group to my doctor and my chiropractor.

Thanks again for the great product.

VF - San Francisco, CA

I am really impressed with your product. You’ve put a lot into making it high quality. After sleeping on it last night, I know I finally have the answer for my GERD.

MB – Maine

I bought a queen sized MediWedge™ from you several years ago. I was very impressed with the way it was packaged, shipped, and above all its top quality construction. I have not experienced any indigestion at night since I put it on my bed. Thank you for all of the above. I have and will continue to recommend it to others..

Mary Alice H.