Keep Your Comfort

Sleep the way you want

reduce acid reflux

I’ve now been sleeping on the 4-inch MediWedge™ for over two weeks and I’m officially sold on it! I have an autoimmune disease called scleroderma that involves gastrointestinal problems, including GERD. I had been struggling for months with propping myself up uncomfortably on multiple pillows every night and trying to figure out how to lift the bed up with blocks without possibly breaking it. I haven’t been wanting to put another medication in my overwhelmed body just to control the GERD. So, stumbling across the MediWedge™ has been key!

You had sent some extra pamphlets about the MediWedge™ for me to share with anyone who might be interested … I quickly gave them out and would love it if you could send me more! I’m telling anyone who might benefit from it or know others who might benefit from it, from friends and people in my support group to my doctor and my chiropractor.

Thanks again for the great product.