Frequently Asked Questions:

MediWedge FAQ

How can a foam wedge, the MediWedge™, support the weight of both me, my spouse and my mattress?

With 20 years of experience (15 as a Plant Manager) in the manufacturing end of the bedding industry, you know which foams will stand the test of time. The foam selected to manufacture the MediWedge™ is an upgraded foam, based on the foam that many major bedding manufacturers use as a side rail foam for their foam encased mattresses. The performance of this foam is warranted to last 5 years in a MediWedge™.

This foam has been used for decades and has proven to withstand the test of time. Sleep well knowing that your MediWedge™ will help you sleep inclined for years.

I have seen shorter bed wedge pillows on the internet that are less expensive. Why is MediWedge™ better?

  1. With the MediWedge™, you sleep on the mattress that YOU choose for YOUR comfort level. Short wedges force you to adjust to an unfamiliar sleeping surface.
  2. The MediWedge™ allows you to sleep on your back, your side or your stomach. Short wedges can be uncomfortable if you sleep on your side and make it impossible to sleep on your stomach.
  3. A short wedge causes you to fold at your stomach when you sleep, this may put additional pressure on your stomach and can actually make your reflux worse!!!

Can I just put bricks under the headboard to raise the bed?

By raising the headboard the doctor recommended 4″ to 8″, you are raising the center support of your metal bed frame off of the floor which will void your 20-year mattress warranty. If your mattress sags and you file a claim against it, the mattress manufacturer has the right to send a bedding inspector to review the mattress in your bedroom. They are trained to look for areas where blocks or bricks might have been used in order to deny the claim.

If I go to bed on an empty stomach, will this help my acid indigestion?

It can take up to three hours for your stomach to empty, so having your dessert just before you go to bed can be the worst thing that you can do for your acid indigestion.

If I am taking PPI medication for my acid reflux do I still need a MediWedge™?

Prescribed proton pump inhibitors only reduce the acidity levels of the stomach contents, they do not eliminate the stomach acid. Too many bodily functions depend on there being acid present in the stomach in order to function properly.

The MediWedge™ is designed to reduce or mitigate the effects of night time acid indigestion by using gravity to help keep the acidic contents of the stomach in its place.

What are the dimensions of a MediWedge™?

The MediWedge™ is designed to be the exact dimension of your mattress.

Which height should I order 6″ or 4″?

If you tend to move around a lot in your sleep, we recommend the 4″ MediWedge. Both heights offer a positive effect on symptoms associated with GERD as confirmed by our customers. However, the 4″ MediWedge offers a lesser incline that would reduce sliding for those customers that are restless sleepers.

Will the MediWedge™ compress under the weight of my mattress?

The MediWedge is constructed of a firm foam, rated 55ILD, and covered with a non-skid fabric zipper cover. It has been placed under all kinds of mattresses including such heavy weights as memory foam and even horse hair with not one complaint of compression.

Will my spouse be forced to sleep on an incline when I purchase a MediWedge™ for myself?

With all of the medical findings regarding night time acid indigestion and the damage that it can do to the esophagus and the lungs, sleeping on an incline may be the healthiest thing that you can do for your spouse!

Can I still use my pillows with a MediWedge™?

The MediWedge™ does not force you to change your sleep position, sleep surface or choice of pillows.

I’m sensitive to odors. Is there a strong odor to the MediWedge™?

The MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) on the foam used in the MediWedge™ states faint or no odor. We have sold to odor sensitive customers who have no issues after receipt.

What is the warranty for the MediWedge™?

The MediWedge™ offers a five year, non-prorated warranty against manufacturing defects. Make sure to check the warranties of short wedge pillows before you select an inclined sleeping device.

Have additional questions? Ask us! We’re here to help.