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Benefits of MediWedge™

Keep Your Comfort Sleep the Way you want
With the MediWedge™, you sleep on the mattress that YOU choose for YOUR comfort level. Short wedges force you to adjust to an unfamiliar sleeping surface. The MediWedge™ allows you to sleep on your back, your side or your stomach. Short wedges can be uncomfortable if you sleep on your side and impossible to sleep on your stomach.
Reduce Acid Reflux Protect Your Investment
A short wedge causes you to fold at your stomach when you sleep. This may put additional pressure on your stomach and can actually make your reflux worse!!! By using MediWedge™ gravity reduces or mitigates acid reflux at night. Elevating the bed with blocks will void the bed manufacturer’s warranty. By using MediWedge™ you will protect the investment you have made in your bed.

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